Together, we celebrate and share God's love.
Stained Glass: I am the light of the world

Sunday Morning

Our main worship service is held at 10:00 am every Sunday morning year-round. This is a broadly inclusive style of worship, involving people of all ages. A wide spectrum of music is sung, led with the organ (find out about our rebuilt pipe organ here) , piano, hand drums, acoustic guitar, or voice alone. The choir participates each Sunday.

Sacred Pause/Evensong

A short, lay-led, contemplative service of readings, silence and simple music.
Come and find the quiet centre.
Take time for personal reflection.


Our sanctuary is accessible via elevator (to the sanctuary "balcony") and via a chair lift up the main stairs.

Fragrance Free Area

The south side of our sanctuary is designated a "fragrance-free area" to accomodate those with allergies to strong scents.

Assistive Listening

Assistive listening devices are available for any who have difficulty hearing the service. Please speak to the sound operator before the service; the sound booth is at the back of the church.

Children in Worship

Children are a blessing and their life and energy enhances our worship. We have several options for families during our 10:00 am service that you can move between depending on what is best for your family. Children of all ages are welcome to remain in worship with their families or take part in Children's ministry.

Play Corner

Now in the "balcony" of the sanctuary - at least on a trial basis - there is a corner with a carpet, some toys and space for children, and a couple of comfortable chairs for parents as they share in worship with us.

Family Room

At the back of the balcony, there is a glassed-in room where families can be separate from the worship space and still see and hear what is happening.

Supervised Play Room

From 9:45 until the end of church, there is a supervised play room down the hall off the balcony for children 2-5.

Children's and Youth Ministry

There is children's ministry with program and crafts for kids up to grade 5, and grade 6-12 gather for YAC


The Sacrament of Holy Communion is held monthly, alternating between communion during the service and communion within a brief liturgy following the main service, for those wishing to commune more frequently.

On four communion Sundays during the year, Home Communion Servers take the elements to people who are home-bound.


Infants and children are baptized as requested, with the dates negotiable.

The baptism of youth or adults takes place in conjunction with Confirmation following preparation through the annual Confirmation Class.

To request baptism in either form, please contact the church office.