Together, we celebrate and share God's love.


Membership in Camrose United Church

The congregation of Camrose United Church extends a welcoming and friendly invitation to all to join us in worship. All are welcome to participate fully in worship activities and the social life of the church.

Full members are individuals who have taken the additional step of making a personal commitment to God and the United Church of Canada through baptism, dedicated study and a profession of faith. These individuals have the opportunity to serve in leadership roles in the church, guiding and shaping the vision and message of the Gospel in our congregation and our community.

Camrose United Church Membership Committee

The role of the Membership committee is to identify individuals and families attending the church and warmly welcome them into the day to day activities of the church. The members of this committee are the welcoming face of the congregation and the friendly hand extended to newcomers who are looking for a warm, inclusive congregation where they can practice their Christian faith.

The Committee is also responsible for keeping complete and accurate church records of baptisms, confirmation, and transfer of membership, as well as for maintenance of the Historic Church Roll. An informal roster of members and adherents is kept to support communication, pastoral outreach and engagement with programs and activities throughout the church year.

Seeking Membership

Anyone wishing to make enquiries about joining Camrose United Church is encouraged to contact a membership committee member or one of the ministers for information, fill out one of the Membership Information pamphlets found on the back of the pews, or follow the form link on this page. They will then be contacted by a membership committee representative.


Contact the Membership Committee

Let us know a bit about you or tell us about a change in contact information using this form, or by contacting the church office.